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Master Brewer, Ken Arrowsmith brews a full range of beers onsite in Beerland’s 12HL brew house, which is said to be one of Australia’s most advanced for its size.

After 18-months of trials we came up with our award-winning core Beerland range of Pale Ale, Lager, Wheat Beer, Kolsch and IPA . It was hard work tasting all those batches late into the night, but someone had to do it…

In addition to the core range, Ken and the brewing team have produced over 20 different seasonal small batch styles, with some of our favourites including XPA, Grapefruit Saison, Japanese Porter, English Special Bitter, Session Ale and Mango Wheat Beer

Beerland beers available at WBC have won numerous awards around Australia, including most recently Champion Australian Beer for our Beerland Wheat Beer at the Australian International Beer Awards.

Beerland Wheat

Classic Bavarian style wheat beer.

  • Blonde in colour with a dense, white creamy head.
  • Well carbonated, yet presents a soft mouthful and low bitterness.
  • Highly aromatic with subtle hints of banana and spicy, clove-like characteristics.

Beerland Lager

An all malt continental lager. Classic lager session ability and well suited to our hot climate!

  • Fresh yet subtle aroma from the late addition of hops.
  • Blend of noble hops providing a crisp larger bitterness.
  • Imported German malt provides a complexity & hint of well-balanced sweetness.
  • A pale straw colour with a classic session ability well-suited to hot climates.

Beerland Pale Ale

A bright pale ale in the Australian style dosed with hops.

  • Australian style with a rich, golden colour with a hoppy aroma with bold, bitter flavours.
  • Blends a combination of Galaxy & Cascade hops.
  • Blend of ale malts providing dry mouth-feel & finish.

Beerland Kolsch

A beer style of distinction

  • Traditional style often found in the Cologne region of Germany.
  • Production and flavours reminiscent of lager with its cool fermentation, cold conditioning and noble hops.
  • Malt driven with a slightly spicy hopping & hint of pear-like-ester.

Beerland IPA

An American Style India Pale Ale.

  • Presents a hazy golden colour under a thick white head.
  • Generous hopping schedule drives aromas, showing citrus & tropical fruits with piney notes.
  • Carries forward the hop flavour, showing its strength with a warming sensation followed by a firm, bitter dry finish.
  • We're here to make Brut IPA "metal"...
  • Stylistically it has similarities to NEIPA, low bitterness, lots of fruity hops etc. However, it's intensely dry, very pale in colour and spritzy to somewhat mimic champagne.
  • We've used German "Blanc" hops for some grape and Elderberry notes along with the brand new Slovenian "Wolf" for a tropical snarl and we also threw in some good ol' US Citra to tie it all together. The result is a super drinkable hop forward beer you can smash down while headbanging to your favourite Dethklok album!!! BRUTAL.
  • This beer is a paradigm shifter (as are most central European dark lagers).
  • With all the deep mahogany colour of a porter or even a stout but the drinkability of a Pils, this beer was brewed to be sessionable. Malty characters predominate without being heavy or lingering and the bittering hops has been kept to a minimum, being sucient only to balance the malt.
  • Roasted characters are absent, ensuring this beer is easy drinking.
  • Coffee, chocolate and roast characters without the intimidating colour.
  • Cooper's Schooner malt brings a rich full body while rolled oats provide a supporting creamy texture. Smoked malt adds another layer to the complex array of flavours.
  • A beer thought experiment. Is it a pale ale? Is it a stout? Is it a dead cat? Ignore the science and trust instead in your senses.

We also offer a full bar, with other beer, wine, spirits and cocktails!

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